Charles Péguy, Le Porche du mystère de la deuxième vertu, Éditions Gallimard, 1929. Charles Péguy’s long poem, “The Gateway of the Mystery of the Second Virtue,” (often translated in English as “Th…

Source: The Portal of the Mystery of Hope


Bruce Jenner Is Not A Hero.

Well, It’s about to happen. A new MPE bid is posted. It’s what I’ve been wanting. The bid posting comes down January 4.

The things I do to spend time with my kid. Oh the suffering, oh the pain. Pizza!

I’m starving actually. It’s the day after Christmas and my body is all disoriented.I was up late on the eve up late Christmas Eve, up late in the morning (my son is 20, he sleeps in too), off to different locals and home late. It ain’t easy sharing joy.

What I want is to do is to got to my favorite eating place is The Red Cabin in South Windsor, CT. They have a Irish Skillet that is fit to eat.  I really want to learn how to make this one.

The Irish Skillet.